Dennesa A. Usher

Representing Possibilities and Ideas

Dennesa Usher American artist born in The Bronx NY launched her first solo show “LooKinOut” in 2013 as part of a larger project that aims to empower the community through the arts. Since 2009, she has been painting community murals for the Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation (WHEDCO) in The Bronx and beyond. In 2004, a photo of her work appeared on the cover of the publication of Hostos Schedule of Classes and since has launched her career forward. Her paintings and Murals have been featured in Street Art NYC, Bronx 200, Bronx Artists Documentary Project (BXADP), Norwood News, News 12, Bronx Net and NBC News. Usher’s career continues to grow with her latest works featured at The Longwood Art gallery, Bronx Museum of the Arts and Lehman College art Gallery. Usher is also a accomplished art curator,Teaching Artist and Exhibition Manager at The New York Public Library, and has previous experience working at the Children’s Museum of Art, Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design, Christies and Sotheby’s and has been featured on the Smithsonian Institute Website and Wall Street Journal news paper(WSJ). Usher says “I believe that if you really stay focused on the things that you love it’s only in due time that a bigger dream is going to come into play” Stay Tuned!


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