Day One

I feel like this is a new beginning
and it starts slow and I don’t know
if you wanna stay or go.
All I know is that I go with the flow
and it shows.
I want to build a family
without the insanity that was born within me.
its born in my mind to lose control and walk a thin line.
Walk on green and avoid the crosswalk and approach my crossroads.
I move slow I break fast this is what it takes to creep right past.
You in the passenger seat the pedal below my feet, so cautious, no fear because I see my path clear.
As the day and as bright as the moonlight we howl from different sides, hoping that one day our paths will collide,so I wait,move slow and break fast thats how I creep right past.
The weird, the insane, the fucked up, the wackiness cause all I want is happiness. My family and you in it.
Its me and you thats all its about when the world is through,cuz baby we aint got nothing without love. Pull me in close and make love to me I want to touch you all the time.
I do have a problem with regression and not moving forward. I want to help extend your reach but I need my man my poppa,my father, my lover under the cover.
I want you to go, I want you to stay, I want you to make a way,
but as always niggahs always use excuses to not put love first and just pull a fray.
Im sure there are moments where we gotta be just bizz,
when I wanna be just his
and it hurts but if I know at some point were gonna be put first I will wait
but not if our love is gonna be regressing and making me do so as well.
I was very angry at the way you were irresponsible with my love home and the way you just left my shit
like you ain’t give a fuck
and I know I leave my house a mess to
but the door really and the window wide open is crazy you cant do that shit to,I don’t know what to do.
don’t get mad when I lose interest in you and things you do.



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