So Dumb

I don’t know how to say it
so I will write,
I don’t know how to speak it
so il show it,
I don’t now how to perform it
il just do it.
I see you,
I see me,
I see us plus,
I just want to say I don’t give a fuck.
I want to say I Love you or
I care for you or
I adore you truly
But I have to be real to me
I have to know that im first
because I have this thirst
for the chase
I love to run
but at the finish line I never come
n all i think is you fucking dumb
ass il pass,
I love you
for you you for me to be
together inside we
create a harmony
with all the good and the bad
I become so sad
all I can think is what if we were and what we had
on the wrong path
I trust you and continue to walk
with no issue
future is what i walk towards with you

Run I want to run away from u
when i start running
nothing can stop me
I run from running thoughts
I want to leave out the nearest door toward my boo
run over your heart on the floor
I want to stop this feeling as I walk
I want to stay on tour.
but im scared of whats at the end
Is it me is it you whose there im scared.
I’m gonna be hurt and I want it I want to be that love that hurts
I want to be that love that drowns my eyes
burns my fingertips n
dries my lips
as I feel my heart skip
I see
the future for you n me
not sleeping
eyes wide opening to us
the e z trust
we built in the past
the foundation we shall surpass
as we walk on is our path.



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