Defined time

I’m more than your beats,
I’m more than ur rhymes,
I’m the one the defines time,
It ain’t about me,
it’s not about the rap,
it’s about the tap of my soul,
the sap of my imagination that forms this combination,
the bitter truth that soothes the reality,
back to the bliss,
thats that ishhh,
that sets us all adrift,
Then im back to just that kiss
that made me think what ifff.
Drift pass
stop slow
break fast
as I catch a glimpse of my past in your eye
I I I syhhh
Cuz I didn’t want to just do a drive by,
shoot you down,
make the ground swell with tearsas I crush and pound,
Walked on as i build my path,
I look forward right past
as if you never existed Boo
So CooL.
I must be true,
to the freedom in my blue,
wings that make me fleunt in all tongues,
even those young,
I hum,
to the sound of my own drum.
I dont have to see all I do,
I hear
as im living my life with no fear,
this is for you my dear.
You dont have to pull up a chair,
we can stand lets keep it fair
we will see who can bear the pain,
the stain,
thats left behind don’t forget who defines time.



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