Ms Them

Maybe i dreamt something that was just change my universe slightly
Maybe it was the events the night before who knows
does it take physical pain for me to change for the better?

Maybe it does
Maybe its my dads energy
Miss him
MIss her


She hides
She involuntarily stands out
her ma sez stop the pout

She sucks it up
playing the front

for them

she’s your best friend
someone you could depend
text good morning and send

is first second and third
floating like a bird

searching for a place
a space in your heart

Start get set GO
through her own lives flow
she know she is them and them are she ms.them you know

you know her she loves me
she loves attention
and give affection
lives for the affliction in this addiction

lives to set a example for them
always painting a perfect hem
put together de la creme

cafe con leche she she is
Bitter sweet kid
Sour Patch Kid
in this bitter world kiiiidd

in a crowded room is how she lives
she only grows in the shadow
she withers in the sun
blossoms in the slums
she is the only one




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